We believe that access to housing is a basic human need.

Welcome to Harnest - the specialist affordable, accessible housing division of the Mazzei Group. For almost two decades we have worked closely with a range of diverse clients inclusive of; government, community housing providers and investors. Our focus on quality, affordable housing delivers to market efficient, functionally beautiful homes for individuals and families of all ages and abilities.

Harnest  specialises in low rise residential builds with the ability to deliver at scale core designs or customise a project to meet the changing needs of our clients.  Our team has an established reputation as a progressive, dynamic force in Melbourne’s construction industry. We offer unmatched versatility, flexibility and quality gained from decades of diverse experience across multiple sectors. We bring with us some of the most knowledgeable, caring and skilled construction staff and consultants within the industry.

By choosing Harnest as your construction partner, you are working alongside an organisation with a proven track record within the affordable, accessible housing sector. Our clients are considered collaborative partners in each project. Our mission is to take the stress out of construction for our  client partners. That means delivering to time and budget, while meeting our own exacting standards. Our proven track record of satisfied and returning customers is testament to our ability to deliver on this promise.

Our Vision

Our vision is that all members of our community have timely access to safe, affordable, accessible, and appropriate housing.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive design and build service that considers the needs of both the intended occupant and investor impacts.  Post handover, providing clients with a maintenance, modifications and upgrades service as their builder partner to maintaining the home.  We commit to making the development, construction and ongoing care of our market’s housing stock as simple, efficient and stress-free as possible so they our client partners can continue to fulfil their organisational purpose



To get control of something in order to use it.



A place that is warm, safe and comfortable.

Values that define us

Our values operate as a guiding hand, reminding us of our foundations and inspiring us to our best future, individually and collectively. 


We deliver remarkable results that are loved by our customers.


We earn our customer’s respect because we are dependable and genuine.


We improve on what we do and how we do it, always looking for smart ways to solve problems.

Social Responsibility

We respect and contribute to our community, through who we help and how we build.


We work together with shared goals, learning from each other to grow and be successful.

Our team is passionate about delivering quality, affordable and timely housing outcomes to our valued clients.

We believe it’s the people behind the project that is the single biggest factor in determining ultimate success. When you work with Harnest, you are choosing to work with highly committed, values driven, experience professionals. It’s a combined team effort that enables us to consistently deliver outstanding results.

Dimitria Dimas
Project Manager
Melissa Wittig

Head of Livable Housing

Paul Clancy
Head of Modifications and Upgrades

Glenn Crawford

General Manager

Daniel Mazzei

Managing Director 

Zeb Woodhatch


Connecting with our community

We partner with like-minded charities that we feel are providing much needed services and support for society. Through a variety of sponsorships, donations and participation in fundraising events, we are pleased to be able to contribute to these most deserving organisations to help improve lives and strengthen local communities.